Coming soon: new campaigns and awards showcase for the BMS website

Members tell us that having a space where it’s possible to learn about campaigns happening across the industry is one of the most valuable services the BMS offers. This is one of the main things that happen at member meetings and our masterclasses – marketers from across the board stand up and share what made their campaign tick – from how it came together to how it was executed, but also what they learned.

So we wanted to find a way to take this further, and in the same spirit give members more chances to see what’s behind an Award-winning or notable marketing campaign, and the different ways in which their success is being achieved.

This has lead to the creation of a new section on our website (in development) which will present a searchable database of submissions for winning & highly commended campaigns, as well as those singled out for producing a ‘marketing moment’ highlight in each campaign period.

If you are one of those submitting campaigns and worried about what information will be available to browse (should your campaign go on to become featured in the showcase) – rest assured we have made adjustments to the form to help prepare for this process. Sensitive details such as campaign budgets and sales figures have the option to be kept hidden and are clearly marked as you go through the form. In special cases there will be a chance to make changes to your submission after the winning and notable campaigns have been announced.

We hope you’re happy with this new offering in the pipeline – we’re always listening to feedback and hope this will develop into a valuable resource from which everyone can benefit.

If you have any questions or suggestions do get in touch with me anytime,

And to enter the BMS Awards, go here

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