Without strong visuals everything becomes more forgettable, audience hears at annual BMS/PPC book fair gathering

by Sue Stephens The Publishers Publicity Circle and Book Marketing Society joint event at the London Book Fair was absolutely packed and this year the subject was The Visual Life of Campaigns. Thanks to everyone who came – you can see the conversations around the event on #visualcampaigns but some brief notes below if you weren’t able to attend: Preena Gadher chaired (MD and co-founder of...
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Why email marketing really does sell books (and 21 other things to think about while we’re at it)

In a recent post on Twitter, marketing whiz and self-declared ‘book champion’ Sam Missingham shared a full suite of her own #bookmarketingtips for the great and the good to share widely. We brought them together for you here, because we’re nice like that.  Email marketing sells books. Build an email list. Then use it properly (more than once a month). BookBub sells books by the shedload –...
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Nine things we learned at the BMS Masterclass on backlist marketing

James Spackman outlines key learnings from the January BMS masterclass on marketing backlist titles, which examined three unique campaigns.
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Where are the readers?* and do we still call them readers?

Profile's Niamh Murray on why authenticity matters more than anything if you want to reach readers in the age of big data.
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Nine things we learned at the BMS Marketing Masterclass

Key learnings from James Spackman after interviewing the marketers behind three very different campaigns at our October Masterclass.
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