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We found love in a hopeless place. A view from The Clothes Show LIVE.

Picture this scene. You are at The Birmingham NEC. On the hour, every hour, Rhianna fills the great hall. There are models strutting a catwalk and they are fabulous. Then, in come 170,000 women primarily aged 17-24 with £16.6m to spend. And they are all looking for a bargain.
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Discovering SEO:
A Publisher’s Guide

Following what was for many (perhaps depressingly) a revelatory talk at the Bookseller’s Marketing Conference in June, Chris McVeigh here outlines the ‘immeasurable benefits’ that SEO tools can offer.
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The Age of Flashmobs

Three years ago Dawn Burnett and the S&S team cheekily projected Philippa Gregory’s The White Queen book jacket onto the Houses of Parliament. For a bunch of middle-class publishers who read books, wear glasses, don’t throw litter and pay taxes, this was ANARCHY! and it felt good. Now the time had come to 'Flashmob'.
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CASE STUDY: Lord of the Flies cover competition

The Lord of the Flies Cover Competition for 13 to 16-year-olds was at the heart of a campaign to promote the Centenary Edition. Faber's Silvia Novak explains how their team were able to successfully revive this backlist classic.
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