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Where are the readers?* and do we still call them readers?

Profile's Niamh Murray on why authenticity matters more than anything if you want to reach readers in the age of big data.
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Decline of a Captive Audience

Technology has changed advertising to the point at which it doesn’t really exist any more. Do publishers need to integrate their book campaigns more effectively into their reader's lives?
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Why would you want to work with Independent bookshops?

Indepedents stores are small businesses, run – mainly – for love of the products they sell. Clever publishers looking for a deft, creative and energetic partner could do much worse than cultivate their relationship with an indie.
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Under the Hood

How do we talk directly to readers, and how do we show that we matter? I have a suggestion that might help answer both of these questions: allow the public to see more of what we do.
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QR Codes:
not a black-and-white issue

For publishers, the QR Code can be a handy box of tricks. A simple, flexible way to discover readers, and a way to add value to their book experience.
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