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The Age of Flashmobs

Three years ago Dawn Burnett and the S&S team cheekily projected Philippa Gregory’s The White Queen book jacket onto the Houses of Parliament. For a bunch of middle-class publishers who read books, wear glasses, don’t throw litter and pay taxes, this was ANARCHY! and it felt good. Now the time had come to 'Flashmob'.
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CASE STUDY: Lord of the Flies cover competition

The Lord of the Flies Cover Competition for 13 to 16-year-olds was at the heart of a campaign to promote the Centenary Edition. Faber's Silvia Novak explains how their team were able to successfully revive this backlist classic.
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Under the Hood

How do we talk directly to readers, and how do we show that we matter? I have a suggestion that might help answer both of these questions: allow the public to see more of what we do.
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QR Codes:
not a black-and-white issue

For publishers, the QR Code can be a handy box of tricks. A simple, flexible way to discover readers, and a way to add value to their book experience.
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Form is temporary. Class(ics) are permanent.

In this digital age, ‘class is permanent’ applies to literature like never before. While there is always room for new books, the book trade would benefit from dusting off the covers of the great works of literature and being more creative in promoting them to new audiences in new formats.
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